The Flight Attendant Academy Training Class Schedule & Curriculum 2023 - 2024.

September 18th - 22nd (Seats Available)

October 16th - 20th (Seats Available)

December 4th - 8th (Seats Available)

January 22nd - 26th (Seats Available)

February 19th - 23rd (Seats Available)

March 18th - 22nd (Seats Available)

April 22nd - 26th (Seats Available)

May 13th - 17th (Seats Available)

June 24th - 28th (Seats Available)

August 19th - 22nd (Seats Available)

September 16th - 20th (Seats Available)

October 14th - 18th (Seats Available)

November 11th - 15th (Seats Available)

Scroll Down To See the training options, specific class times,  & course curriculum.

You choose how you want to complete your training.

You NEED to Choose #1, #2, or #3 below.

Once you enroll, your next easy steps will all be laid for you and you’ll have your guidance counselor for additional help.

#1. 50 hours of (Online & Virtual Classroom Training).

You can start & complete all your required training right from your home RIGHT NOW...

You do not need to come to our national training facility.

Upon completion of your training, you will enter the Job Placement Program to get hired right from your home as well.

#2. 50 Hours of (Hands on, In Person Classroom, & Online Training).

This is where you can do 20 hours of online preparation training and then attend one of our 30 hours of Hands On, In Person Classes at our national training facility at the Charlotte NC airport.

The 30 hours portion of the In-Person training will be 4 days, 8 hours a day.

For those of you who choose option #2, you will come to class on Tuesday.

4 day class hours:

Tuesday       1pm - 8pm
Wednesday  9am - 6pm
Thursday      9am - 5pm
Friday           9am - 2pm

#3. 5 Days of (Hands on, In Person Classroom Training).

This is where you can do all of your training at our national training facility at the Charlotte NC airport.

5 day class hours:

Monday 1pm - 8pm
Tuesday 10am - 12noon + 1pm - 8pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 2pm

Here is Our 50 Hour Curriculum.

Everything you need to know to get hired by an airline

1. The Different Types of Airlines – what they do and how they operate.

2. Aircraft Configurations & Routines of Flight

3. Aircraft Orientation & Familiarization

4. Emergency Procedures with Safety Instructions and Demonstrations

5. Emergency Equipment Orientation & Practice

6. Irregular Situations – Procedures for Handling Them

7. In-Flight Emergencies

8. In-Flight First aid

9. Emergency Landings and Ditchings

10. All Routine Scenarios, Including customer Service Practices and Service Recoveries

11. FARS – Federal Aviation Regulations

12. Aviation Weather

13. The science of flight

14. The Airline Industry Terminology, Aviation Abbreviations and Definitions.

15. Flight Attendant Specific Vocabulary and Abbreviations. including things like: PA Announcements, Airport codes, Airline call letters, 24 hour clock.

16. All FA Cabin Training, Duties.

17. Job Awareness

18. Airline Human Resources – Including how duty times work & pay scales

19. Crew Resource Management

20. Customer Service Scenarios – Including Aggression Management & Self Defense

Job Acquisition training & placement

21. Proper Resume Content, construction and presentation.

22. Business & Aviation Etiquette

23. Appearance Standards including Body Language

24. Interview preparation & practice with individual coaching

25. How to properly answer the Airline interviewing questions – what to say & do & not say & do.

26. Mock Interviews & actual real Airline Interviews.

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