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Our #1 question: Is training required to apply for a Flight Attendant job?

Answer: Technically No. BUT, If you want to GET HIRED, then you need to GET TRAINED.

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Complete Flight Attendant Training

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3 Easy Ways to Become a Flight Attendant

Choose How You Want Your Training Below


#1. All Virtual Training from Home with a Coach.


#2. Start Online at Home & Finish with 4-Day ‘In-Class’ Training & Hiring Event.


3. All ‘Hands-On, 5-Day In-Class Training & Hiring Event.

3 Steps to Become a Flight Attendant at Our Flight Attendant School

Interesting Information

Several airlines are NOW HIRING New Flight Attendants from 18 – 70+ years old…

The Top 30 Benefits of being a Flight Attendant - Click here to see them.

Average Flight Attendant pay is now $59,050 per year according to the US government dept of labor. Click here to read more.

The Top 100 Reasons Why People become Flight Attendants - Click here to see them.

Get Trained, Certified, & Hired right from HOME OR In Our CLASSROOM at Our Flight Attendant School.

We Are a National School & Have a 90% Job Placement Rate!

It doesn’t matter where YOU live, We can help YOU get HIRED by ALL Airlines & We Now Have FINANCIAL AID!

We'll Get You Hired!

Student Videos & How They Got Hired from Our Flight Attendant School

Why We'll Get You Hired

  • - We Work With all the 30+ US Airlines

    Some of Our Students Even Get Hired by International Airlines!

  • - We are connected with the Airline Recruiters

    Our Students Are Always In High Demand & Many Get Hired Right In Class!

  • - We Have a 90% Job Placement Success Rate!

    We Guarantee Job Placement Assistance Until You Get Hired!

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