Enrollment Advisor and Sales & Marketing Representative

A dynamic individual with a zest for life and a diverse range of interests. She serves as an enrollment advisor and sales/marketing representative for The Flight Attendant Academy, passionately guiding students toward their dreams of soaring high in the aviation industry. Beyond the skies, Maiya is also a compassionate Nurse Assistant, having lent her caring touch in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices. Maiya has been a Nurse Assistant since 2018.
Maiya's extensive background as a Nurse Assistant not only highlights her commitment to helping others but also brings a unique perspective to her role at The Flight Attendant Academy. The blend of her nurturing instincts, attention to detail, and understanding of the importance of clear communication is a valuable asset as she assists students in navigating the intricacies of the aviation field. Maiya's holistic approach, shaped by her medical background, contributes to a well-rounded and empathetic perspective in both her healthcare roles and her guidance of
aspiring flight attendants.

Her creative spirit takes flight in various forms – from traversing new landscapes during her
travels to painting vibrant canvases, orchestrating seamless events through her event planning
expertise, and reveling in the excitement of lacrosse matches. Maiya finds joy in the rhythm of
dance, the melody of song, and anything related to designing and DIY projects. Through it all,
her servant's heart shines, embodying a commitment to helping others and leaving a positive
impact on those around her.

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Remember, don’t be shy because flight attendants are not shy!!!

The Flight Attendant Academy
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