Chris Guiney

Instructor and Current Flight Attendant

Chris Guiney is a current Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant and has been flying with Spirit for over 4 years.

He is also a graduate of The Flight Attendant Academy in July 2018. Carolyn Dillon was his instructor.

Chris's love of being a Flight Attendant and alumni of The Flight Attendant Academy earned him the honor and pleasure to assist as an instructor with the Academy.

With extensive knowledge and current experience as a Flight Attendant Chris brings necessary information that facilitates success in the hiring process to give students the insight, confidence, and highest possibility of earning employment as a Flight Attendant.

Quote from Chris,

"I love seeing all the new faces in the classroom each month because I know they will all get interviews and offers from Airlines to start working on their exciting career as a Flight Attendant, Carolyn's Academy helped me obtain my dream career and I want to share that knowledge with everyone who desires to become a Flight Attendant."

Previous experience for Chris includes:

CDL Tractor Trailer Driver

Department of Defense Contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan

President of a Mortgage Corporation

US Navy Veteran, Flight Deck on Aircraft Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. Gulf War 1990 to 1994.

Special Events Coordinator, Catering/Weddings

Being a Flight Attendant affords Chris the time and opportunity to pursue other interests.  He is also a Mortgage Banker with Brighton Bank and The Veteran Mortgage Team. Chris proudly assists Veterans all over the country with home ownership, as well as anyone else in need of mortgage finance assistance.

Call 980-890-5998 to get your personal questions answered.

Remember, don’t be shy because flight attendants are not shy!!!

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