Carolyn Dillon

Owner, Executive Director and Head Instructor

Visiting different states/cities/countries, varying day every day, talking to people and getting paid for it! What is not to like?  Carolyn feels blessed to have had a dream career for over 22 years as a flight attendant for United Airlines.  After finishing college and getting married to her high school sweetheart, she traveled and worked around the world, had 3 sons, made lifelong friends, and challenged her small-town upbringing. During her career, Carolyn moved into the position of Purser, an accomplishment of which she is extremely proud.

After leaving United, it did not take long before she was missing the smell of jet fuel, hotel keys and people. The opportunity to embrace aviation once again presented itself in the form of The Flight Attendant Academy.

As the owner of TFAA, Carolyn’s hand is in everything.  There is no task too big or too small when it comes to working for her students.  She has developed relationships with a multitude of Airlines, granting her students first class access to a flight attendant career. Empowering others to believe in themselves is her passion and the driving force that has made her an industry leader.

Dillon has been called upon to advise and add commentary to several national and local news articles and stations on trending aviation topics. She is a member of Women in Aviation and a Charter member of Clipped Wings.

On a personal note~

Carolyn is a huge lover of animals and babies, basically - all things cute and cuddly. Her family, football, lacrosse, and the beach are her happy things. She loves to (and will) sing at the top of her lungs and dance like no one is looking.

Call 980-890-5998 to get your personal questions answered.

Remember, don’t be shy because flight attendants are not shy!!!

The Flight Attendant Academy
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