Student Sign Up Agreement

I am committing to investing in this educational opportunity for myself.

I understand that (*The Money Back Guarantee) is good for 60 days and that I can receive a refund IF and only IF, I am unable to pass one of the online exams after I’ve sincerely tried 10 times on 10 different days.

I understand that the Academy is offering a money-back guarantee when I have made an honest effort on my part!

Please note: This applies to option #1 & option #2 training programs ONLY.

If after I have reserved my seat for a specific hands-on, in-person class, I want to transfer to a different class date, there is a transfer fee of $200.

If I choose training option #3, deposits/payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

I understand airlines have basic hiring eligibility requirements that I have reviewed here:

I agree to allow The Flight Attendant Academy to post any of my comments about the class and permit my likeness on their website or other promotional/marketing materials without any compensation or further notice.

I understand and agree to all of the above terms of service.


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